Interior das grutas da moeda
18 Nov


The area that we can currently visit was discovered in 1971 by two hunters while chasing a fox. It’s a 350 metre- long route at a depth of 45 metres with a steady temperature at around 18 º C throughout the year. They started by discovering a chamber (currently called the Shepherd’s Chamber), but soon many other chambers, galleries and passages came to light, which now have curious names such as the Nativity Scene, the Red Cupola, the Flawed Chapel or even the Red Dome. All of them are marked by a mixture of calcite with clay material, which gives them a reddish colour.

However, the most beautiful areas in the Coin Caves are those bathed by underground cristal clear waters, namely the Happiness Lake, the Algar d´Água, the Cascade, the Marine and the Spring of Tears.

If you are really curious to discover this wonder of nature, take a look are some recommendations to visit and keep “deep” memories of your stay!