18 Nov


Nazaré beach, with its mild climate and natural beauty, has one of the most ancient traditions connected to fishing in Portugal.

The long sandy half-moon shaped beach, which is also the town’s sea front, is known for its magnitude and for the brightly-coloured awnings that decorate the white sandy beaches, contrasting with the blue of the water.

This is the beach in Portugal where the fishing traditions are the most colourful, and it’s not uncommon to encounter fishmongers who still wear the seven skirts, as per tradition.

Nowadays, Nazaré’s major attractions are the waves and surfing, thanks to the “Nazaré Canyon”, a submarine geomorphological phenomenon that allows the formation of perfect giant waves. It is the largest underwater canyon in Europe, about 170 kilometres along the coast, reaching a depth of 5,000 metres. 

The Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara gained worldwide visibility when, in 2011, rode the biggest beach break wave in the world, about 30 metres high, at Praia do Norte. He won the Billabong XXL Global BigWave Award and entered the Guinness Book of World Records.

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